Many Different Ways To Use Cornmeal In Your Home

8 September 2021
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When most people think about cornmeal, they think of cornbread and similar dishes. What you may not realize, though, is that cornmeal is far more versatile than that. In fact, if you keep cornmeal in your kitchen, you'll be amazed at the number of uses you'll find for it around the house and beyond. Here are some of the many ways that you can use cornmeal throughout your daily life.

Toxin-Free Ant Elimination

Cornmeal has been widely used as a means for ant control. If you cover an ant mound in cornmeal or place a mound of cornmeal nearby, ants will scramble for it. They are drawn to the natural sweetness in the cornmeal.

Ants can't digest cornmeal, so it will swell in their digestive system as they drink liquids. This will eventually eliminate them. If you want to speed up the process, you can add boric acid to the cornmeal. The boric acid will work faster, while the cornmeal will serve as the attractant.

Soil Enhancement

When cornmeal breaks down, it contributes fuel for bacteria and microbes that will help to enrich your soil. If you've been struggling with poor quality soil, add cornmeal to help enrich it and help your grass and garden plants thrive.

The same can be said for compost. If you want to create a richer, more nutrient-dense compost, consider adding a layer of cornmeal periodically and then turning it into the compost pile. Turning the pile distributes the cornmeal and helps to improve the nutrient enrichment.


If you're looking for more natural skincare products, few things are as natural as a facial cleanser that includes cornmeal for exfoliation. The natural grit of cornmeal will provide you with thorough exfoliation without the need for excess chemicals that can harm your skin. You can even create an exfoliating scrub with a mixture of cornmeal, an egg and a small amount of salt for a truly natural, chemical-free product.

Abrasive Cleanser

Whether you're trying to remove soap scum from the shower or debris stuck to a dish, you can get some natural abrasion that will help to clean the surface without scratching it. Add some cornmeal to the surface and use a damp sponge or paper towels to scrub, removing surface contaminants without damaging the material on the surface.

These are some of the less-traditional uses for cornmeal around the house. If you're looking for ways to use cornmeal in your home, you should consider some of these options. Once you do, you'll see why you should always have cornmeal on hand.

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